Moving Healthy Life

Give your body a reason to smile.

Life in the Bike Lane


When it comes to cycling, Danes are model citizens and Canada is switching into high gear.

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School of Hard Knox

Sandi Knox in gym training people

Winnipeg fitness trainer Sandi Knox turned a traumatic attack into a triumph of fitness.

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Get a Move On

An older couple walks through a meadow

3 tips for getting a move on.

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Explore Moving

How We Age


Diet, exercise, stress management… You can control how you age.

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Everyday Fitness Habits


8 activities that will help you burn calories without even noticing.

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Ride for a Better Life


How cycling to work boosts the body and mind.

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Stretching the Possiblities for Health


3 easy stretches from the comfort of your cubicle.

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Run Before You Walk

Woman running on a trail from behind as the sun sets

Get started running with a few simple steps

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Looking Up

Young woman seated while looking at her tablet device

The benefits of taking time to look away from your screen.

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Turn Your Desk Into A Gym

Woman sitting on an inflatable ball while working at her desk in a trendy office with a dog nearby

10 easy desk exercises to help stay healthy at work.

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Get Out!

Three young professionals walking down the sidewalk in an urban financial district

The surprising health benefits of being outside.

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My Own Best Advocate

Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler; CBC Still Photo Collection

Former Olympian Isabelle Brasseur shares her personal story on why we should listen to our bodies.

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